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A Gallery of Haitian Art

SINCE 1974

Frantz Zephirin. " The Resurrection of the Dead" 2007 New Yorker cover January 25, 2010
Here are some paintings that are offered, some at reduced prices, with a high percentage of the proceeds going to Haitian relief. We would prefer to donate the funds to one of the small organizations listed on this page as they are not getting as many donations as the more prominent relief organizations.
#1123 Gerard Fortune
24x20" Acrylic on Masonite
"Mod Couple"
1988. $400 SALE $300/ $100 to Haiti
#2667 Frantz Zephirin
Acrylic on canvas with
painted frame
"Agoue et Les Sirenes"
2007 $2800
SALE $2000 /$500 to Hait
SOLD JUne 2010

* The painting covers the wooden frame.

For details of this painting, click here.

#2616 Frantz Zephirin
20x16" Acrylic on masonite
2007 $2700 Framed in painted wood.
SALE $1800/ $400 to Haiti
SOLD March 2010

*Dambala, the snake, and Aida Wedo, the bird and his wife are merging, becoming one.

#2438 Frantz Zephirin
24x24" Acrylic on canvas.
"Wedding of Agoue & La Sirene"
2002 $2000 Framed in wood.
SALE $1500/ $300 to Haiti. SOLD Feb 2010
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