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Haitian Art by Roi David Annisey

"King David" Annisey was born in 1967 in Jacmel. Before taking up painting full time in 1990, he worked in a factory designing artwork for souvenir boxes. In October 1995, he participated in an exhibition of Vodou and healing paintings at the School of Fine Arts at Indiana University. In the Summer of 1997 his work was included in the fine show "Island on Fire', paintings from the collection of Jonathan Demme. It is from the catalog of that show that I stole this biography. If you would like some information on how to purchase that catalog, click here

#1997 Roi David Annisey
30x20" acrylic on canvas
1997 "Kok Kalite"
$450 Framed

"Kok Kalite" is the name applied to the rooster that has been used to represent former Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide in popular Haitian culture. the rooster was first identified with Aristide when it was his symbol on the ballot in the presidential election of 1990.

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