est. 1974
This is Archive Room 30. Haitian Paintings by Prefete Duffaut

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Prefete Duffaut was born on New Year's day 1923 in Jacmel, Haiti. He and his half-brother, Pauleus Vital, are the archetypical Jacmel painters. M. Duffaut was an early member of the Centre d'Art, joining in 1946, and was one of the artists selected to paint the landmark murals in the Trinity Cathedral in 1951. He is one of the few artists in Haiti to develop a style so original as to be recognizable from across the room. The "Ville Imaginaire" is actually an artistic rendering of his hometown. Jacmel is a hilly town on the southern coast. One of his paintings was in the collection of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. It was sold for $6900 by Sotheby's on April 25, 1996.

Mr. Duffaut passed away on October 6, 2012. He was the last of the first generation

#121C Prefete Duffaut
8x10" Acrylic on Canvas
"Ville Imaginaire"
1993 $400 framed
Sold April 2000
#136 Prefete Duffaut
24x36"" Acrylic on canvas
1991 $1500 framed in Gold
Sold February 2000
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