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This is Room 88. Haitian paintings by Pierre-Joseph Valcin
"The Prince of Haitian Naive Painters."
that's what Jean-Marie Drot, the Frenchman who has curated fabulous Haitian art shows around the world, says about
P-J Valcin.

Pierre-Joseph was born around 1925 , he is not certain of the exact year but Borno was President of Haiti at the time. After working as a stonemason and a mechanic for many years, he was encouraged by his friend Prefete Duffaut and his half-brother, Gerard Valcin, to begin painting, and in the late 1960’s he joined the Centre d’Art. His paintings are renditions of events that happen every day in Haiti, like markets, vodou ceremonies, people taking naps or planting crops, sometimes rendered with a touch of the surreal but always possessed by a gentleness and humor that brings a soft feeling to the soul.
His work has been exhibited internationally for years, including solo shows in Paris and Athens. Pierre -Joseph Valcin passed on in February 2000.

Photo courtesy of Galerie Monnin, Petionville, Haiti
#2722 Pierre Joseph Valcin
16x12" Oil on canvas
"Lady With Dog"
1986. $800 framed in wood, painted.
SALE! $399.

* I poked a hole in this painting years ago resulting in a small tear. I recently had it repaired expertly and nothing is visible from the front.

# Pierre-Joseph Valcin
20x24" oil on canvas
"Veggie Market" 1986 Framed $1500
SALE! $800

*This painting had a tear that was repaired in Haiti. If you search for it carefully you may spot the repair. but in a paintng like this, a fabulous painting filled with joy and contentment, it is not noticable. I hate to part with it.

#2923 Pierre-Joseph Valcin
24x24 oil on masonite
"Lovebird family" 1986
Framed $1500
SALE! $800 SOLD!
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