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SINCE 1974

This is Room 72B. Two Vintage Haitian Paintings by Pierre-Louis Riche.

Riche has, over the years, become an accomplished technician and his current paintings are beautiful without a doubt. But I must say that I miss the complex imagery of his older paintings. We are fortunate to have acquired two of his works from 1988. The photos do not do justice to the nuances that each of these paintings contains, like the smoke coming from the cigarette of the man in the French flag shirt and the milk at the corner of the sucklings mouth. These two paintings are gems!

#092 Pierre-Louis Riche
24x20" Oil on Masonite
1988 $1500 framed
SOLD June 2006
#093 Pierre-Louis Riche
24x20" oil on masonite
"La Famille"
1988 $1500 framed
Sold November 1999
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