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Haitian Art by Wilson Bigaud

Bigaud is one of the living masters of Haitian Art. He was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in January 1928. At age 18, he met Dewitt Peters and joined the Centre d'Art. In 1950 his painting, "Paradise", won second prize in an international art exhibit in Washington, D.C. and was subsequently purchased for the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York along with works by Gourgue, Philome Obin and Georges Liautaud. In 1951 he was one of the handful of artists chosen to execute the landmark murals in the Episcopal Cathedral of Sainte Trinite . His masterpiece there is "Wedding at Cana". In 1957 Bigaud sank into a deep depression and did not paint again until 1962. Some say that he has never regained his early brilliance but there are few artists in Haiti or anywhere else who are as able to communicate the subtleties of their culture with brush on canvas. Wilson Bigaud continues to paint wonderful, humorous paintings in the relative solitude of Petit Goave, a smallish town far from the clamor of Port-au-Prince.

Wilson Bigaud passed on March 22, 2010. Another sacred monster is gone.

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Below is a suite of paintings from the Haitian master, Wilson Bigaud. All of these paintings were done in the mid-1970's. a time generally considered to be a fallow period for him; Perhaps these paintings are not as precisely painted as his earlier and later ones, but the imagery is certainly there and the emotion in these pieces seems to me to supass that of his later paintings. The paintings are well-priced for Bigauds of this period. I feel fortunate to have acquired them. BB
#112 Wilson Bigaud
24x30" Oil on Masonite
" At the Beach"
circa 1975.
$7500 framed
#111 Wilson Bigaud
24x30" Ol on Masontie
"Ceremonie Voudou"
circa 1974 $3500 framed.
Sold February 2003
#100 Wilson Bigaud
24x36 Oil on Masonite
"Paysage" 1975
Framed $7500
#104 Wilson Bigaud
24x30" oil on masonite
"Serve´ Cafe" c.1974
Framed $7500
#103 Wilson Bigaud
22x36" Oil on Masonite
"Village Life" 1973
$7500 framed
#105 Wilson Bigaud
24x36" Oil on Masonite
"Wedding" c.1975
$7500 framed
#106 Wilson Bigaud
24x36" Oil on Masonite
"Scene Rurale"
Dated '73 $7200 framed
#110 Wilson Bigaud
24x30" oil on masonite
"Lave Rad" circa 1975
$7200 framed
#108C Wilson Bigaud
24x30" oil on masonite
circa 1974 $8500 framed
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