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SINCE 1974

This is Room 43A
A Haitian Painting by Dav Rouzier

Rouzier's paintings are restful and peaceful, calming.
He is a journeyman impressionist.
One of the very best.

Rouzier was born in 1934 in PaP. He was best friends with Andre Normil who at the time worked at the Centre D'art. The painting below has 3 dots in the signature, an indication that the artist is a Mason. Normil sometimes put them too.

Rouzier was an original member of "Le Foyer des Artes Plastiques" a group of artists who left the Centre D'Art in 1950 over cultural clashes. The founders included Cedor, Lucien Price and Max Pinchinat.

"From the Foyer des Arts Plastiques emerged the Galerie Brochette founded by Dorcely, Cédor, and Lazare. Without breaking completely with l'Indigénisme and the Réalisme de Cruauté, Haitian painting became more conscious of purely esthetic standards and took a more intellectual and modern orientation, in particular with Spencer Depas, Villard Denis (Davertige), Jacques Gabriel, and Gérard Hyppolitte. Rose-Marie Desruisseaux got her initiation into painting at the Galerie Brochette "-From the Haitian Embassy Art History page'

#2932 Dav Rouzier
24x10" Oil on canvas
"Scene Rurale"
1950's $1000 framed in beat up old Haitian carved frames
SALE! $250

* This painting has extensive crackalure in the sky, but no chipping. It has been stabilized and the cracks are not distracting. It is a fabulous painting by an impressionist master . We acquired it under very fortunate terms and are looking to pass on the savings.

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