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A Haitian Art Gallery
SINCE 1974

This is Room 10B. Haitian Art by Gesner Armand
# 140 Gesner Armand 40x30" oil on Canvas
"Carnaval Figures". 1985 $7000 framed (in thin black frame)
SALE! $3500. SOLD January 2005

* The energy of this painting is too intense to be captured by a digital camera. The colors are deep and rich, and as day becomes evening, an internal light in the painting seems to switch itself on, and the masked figures seem to move toward you out of the gray background. This is a very special painting, not the typical romantic pigeons and flowers of Gesner Armand.

The owner of the painting has relocated abroad and wants to place the piece in a good home, at a substantial financial sacrifice. This painting is a steal.

#GAREB Gesner Armand
48x18" Oil on canvas.
"Still life."
1958 $1500 Framed in wide wooden frame.
SOLD! 12/06

* This painting was purchased in Mexico around 1960 and has languished unloved in a basement in Tennesee until recently. It was obviously painted by Gesner Armand during his hiatus in Mexico in 1958-59 and is a beautiful example of his early work. The owner has no attachment to the work and is willing to part with it for a very reasonable price.

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