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SINCE 1974

This is Room 51B . Two rare vintage Haitian paintings by Fritzner Lamour
These paintings are good illustrations of the early days of Fritzner Lamour. Both paintings bear some resemblance to the work of fellow Jacmellian Prefete Duffaut to whom Lamour was apprenticed as a teenager.
These are some of the last that Lamour painted in this style. In the early 1980's, he moved on to painting roosters as roosters and then roosters as people, a stlye he has taken celestial.
To view the Fritzner Lamour Archives, paintings that are not for sale, click here.
#094 Fritzner Lamour
20x24 Oil on Canvas
"Scene Rurale'
1979 $1350 framed
#139C Fritzner Lamour
16x24 Oil on Masonite
"La Ville"
1980 $1200 framed
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