est. 1974
This is Archive Room 77 Haitian Art by Piracasso.
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Petizil Durand was born in Petionville, Haiti on May 22, 1971. He began painting in 1989. His father is a butcher and his mother a marchande, selling products in the market. He has a job as a security guard at night.
He assumed the name Piracasso as an homage to his idol, Pablo Picasso.
There have been hundreds of "market painters " since the master Casimir painted the archetype in the early 1960's, but Piracasso is one of only a handful who have painted the subject in an original style.
#2049 Piracasso
8x20" acrylic on canvas
1998 Market
$125 framed sold
#1985 Piracasso. 12x16' acrylic on canvas
1997 Market
$125 framed sold
#2047 Piracasso
10x8' acrylic on canvas
1998 Market
$85 framed sold
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