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A Gallery of Haitian Art

SINCE 1974

Giant Tent Sale

There comes a time in the life of every business when a clean out is necessary.

Galerie Macondo reached that point decades ago

But given my love for the art and my penchant to procrastinate,
I am just getting around to getting some nice art together to sell at a bargain price.

We all need lots of art in our lives esp these days. Enjoy!

If there are artists that you like, I may have some stuff that is not on the site.

Email me

Haitian Art: Food for the Spirit

Click image for larger view

Fritzner Alphonse 24x36 $1000
S.Pierre. 12x16 $75
Yordan Dabady 20x16" $250
Dav Rouzier 20x10" $250
Levoy Exil 31x24" $900
Dumerlus Jeune 8x18 $125
Amerlin Delinois 12x16 $125
Denis Smith 32x24 $475
Dieuseul Paul 24x24 $800
LaFortune FElix 24x24 $500
Galland Semerand 24x30
$sale $2400
F. Damas 24x16 $375
Wagler Vital 24x20 $375
Ti-Tra 12x16 $75

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