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Haitian Art by LaFortune Felix

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LaFortune was born in the Artibonite region in 1933

He was an initiated Houngan and decorated the outside of his Temple with images of the Lwa.

One day Pierre Monosiet, Director of the Museum of Haitian Art at the College of St. Pierre happened by and subsequently brought him supplies and bought his paintings.

He signs his early paintings "Pont Sonde" and his later ones " St. Marc", where he lives now.

Felix is in a class of his own, or perhaps shares it with Hyppolite and Andre Pierre

La Fortune Felix passed away in 2018

#2295 LaFortune Felix
20x24" Oil on masonte
"Kafou" The Crossroads
1970's SOLD
framed in painted wood.
#2323 LaFortune Felix
24x24" Oil on masonite.
"The Magi"
1970's SALE! $800

*detail below

#2926 LaFortune Felix
" Timoun Funeral"
24x30" oil on canvas
2004 $2000 Framed in gilt frame
Sale! $1200
* details below
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