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A Gallery of Haitian Art
SINCE 1974

Gabriel Alix at Issa's ©Bill Bollendorf 1995
This is Room 8.
Haitian Art by Gabriel Alix.
Gabriel Alix was born in St. Marc in 1930. He came to Port-au-Prince in 1946 at the urging of his lifelong friend, the legendary Hector Hyppolite. He joined the Centre d"Art at that time. Alix was a taciturn man who was married to an artist, Madeline Mirvil, also a jungle painter. In his early years he painted scenes of typical Haitian life in a naive style but as the years went by, he became one of the great technicians among Haitian artists. In later years, he seemed to concentrate on jungle paintings with an occasional still life. All of his paintings are precise and beautiful.

Gabriel Alix died in October 1998

This painting is sold, for your enjoyment only

#2175 Gabriel Alix
24x30" Oil on canvas
'Adam and Eve"
1992 $3200 framed
SOLD December 2005
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Gabriel Alix for purchase