Haitian Art on Postcards
We have a small supply of full color postcards with wonderful Haitian paintings on them. They look great framed or even on your refrigerator. And, of course, you can send them to your friends with messages written on the back. At the moment, we have the styles shown below. They are available in packs of 10, which contain two of each image, for $8.99, including shipping. To place an order, call us toll-free (USA only) at 1-866-661-1498 and give us a credit card number. Or simply make out a check t and send it to: Bill Bollendorf. 5536 Bryant St.. Pittsburgh, PA 15206, and we will get the cards out to you the same day via first class mail. If we have to ship them outside the USA, we will have to charge more for the additional postage.
by Andre Normil
Adam & Eve by Andre Blaise
Love is Like a Prison
by Jonas Profil
Marassa Roma
by Theard Aladin
Erzulie Freda
By Jonas Profil
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