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MORE BOOKS on Haitian Art and Haiti

An Encounter Between Two Worlds as seen by Haitian Artists: The catalog from an intinerant exhibition that opened in Seville, Spain in May 1992 featuring paintings that illustrate the history of Haiti from Christopher Columbus to Jean Bertrand Aristide. The show was curated by Jean Marie Drot.

195 Pages, color reproductions. English. Soft cover.
$90. plus $8 shipping (USA)

* We are now sold out of this book with no more on the horizon.

Manes Descollines by Michel Monnin . A meditation on Haitian life inspired by the artist Manes Descollines who took his own life in the early 1970's. The book is set in Port Salut and won the Prix Deschamps, a Haitian literary award, in 1985. French. Soft Cover $40 plus $3 shipping. (USA)

La Peinture Haitienne: Dialogue du Reel et de Imaginaire. By Phillipe Becoulet. The exhibit catalogue from the 1990 show at the Palais du Rhin in Strasbourg, France.

92 pages, French. $80 plus $8 shipping (USA)
This book is now sold out. As it is out of print we are not expecting any more copies.

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