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A NEW Haitian Art Book
Haitian Artists in America. This is a beautiful book put together by four Haitian artists that now live in the US : Patrice Piard, Shubert Denis, Emmanuel Dostaly and Patrick Wah.
The book features the works of almost fifty Haitian artists who live in America, the majority of whom are modern and "sophisticated primitive" in style. The paintings are wonderful, and beautifully reproduced. There is a biography and photo of each artist and often a statement of the artist's asthetic philosophy.

This book was obviously a labor of love for those who produced it; it contains numerous one page essays that are heartwarming and uplifting. The writing throughout is unpretentious and informative. An especially classy element of the book, to me, is the eight pages of dedications and salutes that are found throughout, where the artists thank those who have helped or inspired them, including a page that contains a special dedication to the wives of the authors. The energy contained in this book reminds me of why I fell in love with Haiti in the first place.

114 Pages, Color reproductions, Hard Cover, Signed and Numbered. English. $75 plus $10 shipping (USA)


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