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SINCE 1974

Another New Haitian Art Book
Odilon Pierre, Atis d'Ayiti. This is the latest book from Kaliko Press. It is edited by Jonathan Demme, with an interview by Edwige Danticat. Designed by Kirsten Coyne and Pebo Voss and Produced by Pebo Voss.

It's a little treasure, the kind of book you can sit down and read from cover to cover in a half-hour, then spend as long as you want poring over the remarkable images: paintings and wood sculptures that range from airy and cheerful to dark and intense.

In the foreword, Demme takes us into the palpitating heart of Port-au-Prince, The Iron Market, where he first discovered the work of Odilon Pierre. Then Edwige Danticat has a revealing conversation with the artist, who was self-taught and reclusive.

The book closes with a reflection on the artist and his place in the culture by Kirsten Coyne.

63 pages, Soft cover, Color reproductions, English $15. plus $3 shipping (USA)


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